Let us help you achieve your Japan-dream

Within this blog/tutorial site, I hope to give you tips on how to quickly master the Japanese Language, while making proper use of the same to navigate the culture in a way that will assist you in becoming anything you want to be in Japan: not only the default ESOL instructor that many English speaking foreigners do here for lack of options.


Here you will learn how to:

1. Choose the right school and courses to attend in order to learn Japanese quickly—on a full-time basis—while maintaining the ability to work full-time hours: granting you the income you need to study and enjoy your life here at the same time.

2. Practice the language and places where you can go to in order meet the people that will help you master Japanese while avoiding to encounter people who are just after you because of your native English speaking ability and your different looks.

3. Get jobs in Japanese companies without the need of a JLPT.

4. Navigate within the world of Japanese indirect communication to improve your ability to handle communication mishaps and increase your chances of building long-lasting and genuine relationships with the Japanese people.

5. Find love/an ideal partner in the Land of the Rising Sun for those interested in building their “nest” here.